Saturday, October 2, 2010

Princess Bookie: Mini Challenge #3- Contest Craze

Princess Bookie Mini Challenge Consists Of:
Book Synopsis

- Write A Blog Post Containing A Book Synopsis Of A Book You Wish Would Be Written.
- Example: If you really loved Before I Fall, you would write a synopsis for Before I Fall #2 .
- Not allowed to write a synopsis for a book that has a sequel already planned so do your research!

Surprise ARC Prize Pack

I wrote a post called, Please sir, I want some more so it was easy to make my choice on what book I wish would be written.
Simone Elkeles' "How to Ruin" series.
How to Ruin A Summer Vacation(#1)
How to Ruin My Teenage Life (#2)
How to Ruin Your Boyfriend's Reputation (#3)

How to Ruin Our Happily Ever After (#4)

After Avi serves his time in the Israeli army, he returns to Chicago where Amy lives and proposes. Of course, she's thrilled and immediately says yes but she begins to have misgivings when she learns he wants to live on the moshav back in Israel, especially after all the mishaps from her first visit.
Can love conquer all and do sheep hold a grudge?

Also from a Q&A on Simone Elkeles website:
Q: Will there be a fourth book in the How To Ruin series?
A: I don’t think I’ll be writing another How to Ruin book, although I loved writing Amy and Avi’s adventures together. They are such fun characters to write! Right now I want to work on other projects. Ultimately, however, it’s up to my publisher to decide whether or not they want a fourth book in the How to Ruin series. I never say never, but right now there are no plans for a fourth book.

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