Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Above by Leah Bobet

From Goodreads
"Matthew has loved Ariel from the moment he found her in the tunnels, her bee’s wings falling away. They live in Safe, an underground refuge for those fleeing the city Above—like Whisper, who speaks to ghosts, and Jack Flash, who can shoot lightning from his fingers. But one terrifying night, an old enemy invades Safe with an army of shadows, and only Matthew, Ariel, and a few friends escape Above. As Matthew unravels the mystery of Safe’s history and the shadows’ attack, he realizes he must find a way to remake his home—not just for himself, but for Ariel, who needs him more than ever before."
Sometimes a sentence will stay with you and I loved this one:
"...and the sky stared you down into nothing with stars."

This is how the narrator, who grew up in Safe described being outside or "Above".

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Blogger hasn't let me log in for so long that is feels strange to blog again. Has it really been almost a year?! I'm rusty and I have gotten out of the habit of reading and reviewing here but I'll try as long as Blogger allows me to log in. Wish me luck!