Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chain Reaction (Perfect Chemistry #3)

CHAIN REACTION by Simone Elkeles is the upcoming book in the Perfect Chemistry series and features Luis, the third Fuentes brother.
Luis is a good kid who finds out a secret that turns him into a bad guy. It'll take Alex and Carlos (and a love interest) to try and turn him back around to be a good guy again.

When asked on her website, Elkeles was quoted as saying:

"Good news! Right now I am working on Luis Fuentes’ story. I can’t give away any of the exciting details because I just started writing the book so don’t email me asking for details or hints, but I will tell you that all of your favorite characters (Alex & Brittany and Carlos & Kiara) will be back. Even some of the supporting characters might make an appearance, like Tuck and Isa (and maybe some characters you don’t want to be there will be there, too)."

To be published sometime in 2011

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